Welcome to the 22nd season

Of the Fidelity Life Corporate Challenge

November 2015

This 5km run and walk series for business teams will tour New Zealand with stops in some of our most beautiful city parks. We kick off in North Hagley Park, Christchurch on November 4th, followed by Wellington’s stunning waterfront at Waitangi Park on November 11th and finishing off in The Domain, Auckland on November 25th.

When the challenges of the workplace are great, you want a fit and energetic team to meet them head-on!. Studies show corporate fitness and well-being positively affects the fiscal fitness of your business. The Corporate Challenge offers training programmes to get your employees exercising and then brings them together outside the workplace for team building and fun competition in a beautiful New Zealand setting.

Christchurch – Nov 4 – Hagley Park

Wellington – Nov 11 – Waitangi Park

Auckland – Nov 25 – The Domain

Check out the 2015 Corporate Challenge Series Highlights below!

Six reasons to love the Corporate Challenge Series…

Healthy Workplaces

The Corporate Challenge is the perfect way to encourage a fit and healthy workforce with everyone working towards a common goal.

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Friendly Competition

Our new industry competitions mean you can challenge your competitors to some friendly competition and year-long bragging rights.

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Bring a BBQ

Bring a BBQ and tent to the venue and your evening at the Corporate Challenge turns into a great office night out.

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Great Team Building

Nothing builds team camaraderie like competing together and our team format means everyone gets to contribute.

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Pre-Christmas Cheer

The November race dates are a perfect time for a mid-week office wind-down before the crazy season gets into full swing.

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Achievable Goal

The 5km distance – which you can run, jog or walk – is achievable for everyone which means no one at the office gets left behind.

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Our competitors are our greatest advocates …

Read on below for some of the many positive comments and feedback we received from the 2014 event.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event!”

“Well done to everyone who put all the hard work into organising!”

– Richard Fitzpatrick

It was a great run and an awesome experience. I really enjoyed it!
Catherine Gassmann
Had a great time at the Fidelity Life Corporate Challenge tonight!
Clare Martin
Thanks for an awesome event, I absolutely loved it!
Anna Markwick

Bring a picnic for a great office day out!

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