Merit Prizes & Competition Rules

//Merit Prizes & Competition Rules
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The Corporate Challenge encourages friendly competition between colleagues, firms and individuals. Although the emphasis is on the fun of participation, we also look forward to acknowledging athletic excellence.

Even if you are not a front-runner, you could still be heading home with one of our excellent spot prizes!

Merit Awards

Overall Teams

  • Top 3 male teams receive a glass trophy
  • Top 3 female teams receive a glass trophy

Industry Teams

  • Top male & female Accounting teams each receive a glass trophy
  • Top male & female Finance/Insurance teams each receive a glass trophy
  • Top male & female Government/Health teams each receive a glass trophy
  • Top male & female Legal teams each receive a glass trophy
  • Top male & female Sport/Leisure teams each receive a glass trophy
  • Top male & female Technology teams each receive a glass trophy
  • Top male & female Transport/Construction teams each receive a glass trophy

Individual Awards

  • Top Male & Female Overall
  • Top Male & Female CEO

Eligibility Rules & Time Calculation

We take the times of the top 3 eligible male members of your team to arrive at your Male Team time and place, and the same with the top 3 eligible females. In addition to the overall winning male and female teams, we have trophies in a number of industry categories as well as individual awards for the overall winners and the fastest CEO.

To be an eligible team member, the person must be a bona fide full or part-time employee of the company or a full or part-time contractor working exclusively for that company. Any business or organisation can register a team, but to be eligible for team awards, the organisation must meet the criteria for team members to be earning a living from that organisation. Therefore, sports clubs, groups of friends and other informal teams cannot be eligible for team awards. Any participant who is not an eligible team member must be marked as “FNF” (Friends & Family) on the team sheet.

Anyone taking part in the event is eligible to win the overall male and female individual trophies.

To be eligible for the CEO Challenge trophy, the person must be the CEO, Managing Director or a Senior Partner of the business or organisation and must be recorded as such on the official entry form, team sheet or online form.

Competition Rules

  • Merit Awards will be based on Gun Time (i.e. the order of the athletes across the finish line)
  • Official results published will be by Net Time (the time difference between the athlete crossing the start line and the finish line)
  • In the unlikely event of any dispute, the Race Director’s decision shall be final
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