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November 15th @ 6:30pm

Waitangi Park provides the venue for the second stop of the Corporate Challenge series and acts as our gateway to Wellington’s stunning waterfront. Street sculptures, fountains, pedestrian bridges, Oriental Parade, Te Papa and Waitangi Park … this is the ultimate inner-city run on a course which is the equal of anywhere in the world. The best inner-city Wellington run ever? We think it could be.

The race starts at 6:30pm but you’ll want to be in position well before that. If you have any team changes, head to the info tent as soon as you arrive on site. When you’ve gathered your team together, head to the photo area to get your team photo taken. All photos will be available on our facebook page the day after the event. Check out our race schedule for all dates and times and we’ll see you at the venue!

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Course Description

The course for Corporate Challenge Wellington hugs the wonderful Wellington waterfront throughout. It is made of two 2.5km sections, one to the east of Waitangi Park and one to the west.

The race begins in the centre of the park and after a brief run around two sides of the park, you will head east along Oriental Parade for 1.25km. As we will have runners in both directions, its important to keep left throughout. You should also take care as you pass in front of the Freyberg Pool facility and car park.

On the way back, you will be directed onto the gravel path around the south side of Waitangi Park to commence the second half of the route.

The final 2.5km are a tour of Wellington’s waterfront highlights. Te Papa, pedestrian footbridges, The Lagoon, Frank Kitts Park – it’s all here as you wind your way to the turnaround point at Queens Wharf. You can even check up on your share price as you run in front of the NZX building!

As you come in to complete your 5km lap, fences and flags will direct you down the final glorious 50 metres to the finish line. Put your hands in the air and say “yeah! I did it”. Grab a well earned drink from our table or head over to your team tent to hit the BBQ!

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