About the Corporate Challenge Series

Round up your workmates!

Run. Walk. BBQ!
The Corporate Challenge is a 5km run, jog or walk organised exclusively for businesses and organisations of any size and dedicated to the health, fitness and well-being of your employees. Organisations of any size can enter a team and all teams start together and run the same course at each venue. In the spirit of friendly competition, team results are compiled across industry categories with a short awards ceremony to round off the evening. Many teams bring a tent, a BBQ and a few drinks along to make for a great office evening out.

When the challenges of the workplace are great, you want a fit and energetic team to meet them head-on! Studies show corporate fitness and well-being positively affects the fiscal fitness of your business. The Corporate Challenge provides a fitness and wellness goal for your team to work towards and brings them together outside the workplace for powerful team building and fun competition in a beautiful New Zealand setting.

The Corporate Challenge takes place on three Wednesday November evenings in the most beautiful parks and venues that New Zealand’s premier cities have to offer. The series kicks off amongst the lush greenery of Hagley Park, Christchurch, where participants can run on flat, wide footpaths past Victoria Lake and along the banks of the Avon River. Next stop is the stunning Wellington waterfront where the event is based at Waitangi Park and follows a waterfront course along Oriental Parade and back past Te Papa. The final event is in the historic Auckland Domain, right in front of the Main Grandstand and featuring a two-lap course on fully closed roads with the Auckland Museum as a backdrop.

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Registration Fees

Important! Registration fees are per person and exclusive of GST.


$40excl GST


$45excl GST

Late Entry

50excl GST

* Courier Delivery/Venue Pickup: Register your team members at least 14 days prior to your event and we’ll courier all of your race materials directly to your workplace (teams of 4 members or more only). Otherwise, collect your race packs from the venue any time from 1pm onwards on race day.

Provisions for COVID-19 Cancellations

We want all teams to feel confident that if the event is cancelled due to Pandemic restrictions, you won't lose out. So if we are forced to cancel prior to team deadline day (14 days prior to the event) we will cancel all invoices and refund 100% of payments made. If we cancel within the last 14 days - when we have already sent your race packs with numbers, timing tags and caps to you - we will cancel 75% of invoice paymetns and refund 75% of payments already made.

Included With Your Registration

Event Cap or Visor

Personalised Race Number

Team Photos

Merit & Spot Prizes

Step One – Register Your Team Name

When you register your team name, you tell us who the Team Manager is (the team manager does not need to actually take part), which event you are taking part in (Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington) and which industry sector best fits your organisation. There is no charge to register your team name, but the Team Manager will need a Running Events account to view and manage the team afterwards. To access your Running Events account, just click on the LOGIN button at the top of the web page (if you don’t already have an account, it only takes a moment to sign up).

To register your team name, click on the location button below.


Step Two – Add Your Team Members

Once you have registered your team name, you can use any of the three easy and convenient methods to add team members to your team. We need to know the name and gender of each person taking part so that we compile the results and present awards and spot prizes. We also have a special competition for the bosses so if your CEO,  CFO or Senior Partner is taking part, let us know.

To make registering your team members as easy as possible, we’ve got a few alternative methods – Spreadsheet or Online – which are described in the following tabs.

The spreadsheet option is by far the most popular way to get your team together for the Corporate Challenge. Simply download your team entry spreadsheet below, complete the details and login to upload and register your team before the team cutoff date.  You will receive an invoice immediately (or you can login to the team manager account to view the invoice at any time).  Payment instructions can be found on the invoice and we will organise your team packs to be delivered directly to your business address. How easy is that?

Remember to register your team name online before you upload your spreadsheet.

DOWNLOAD (.xlsx)

If you would like the team members in your company to register themselves then Online Entry is your best option. Team members can use the buttons below to register. During the registration process, they’ll be able to join your team to keep everything tidy – too easy!

Important! When you create your team, you select the payment method that suits you best. If you selected for your organisation to pay all the registration fees together at the end then each individual team member will not be asked to pay a registration fee in the online form. Instead, their entry will be saved to the team manager’s queue for review and checkout by them.


Race Information

Your comprehensive guide to the Corporate Challenge Series.

Event Dates

0 Nov
0 Nov
0 Nov

Race Guide

The Race Guide is a comprehensive document in PDF format which you can download and store on your smart device – or go old school and print it out. It contains a summary of all the important information to make sure you get the most out of your event experience. The Race Guide will be available for download here two weeks out from the event. Don’t miss it!

Christchurch Race Guide
Wellington Race Guide
Auckland Race Guide

Important Dates

What’s Happening? Christchurch Wellington Auckland
Team Registration Opens 17 July 17 July 17 July
Earlybird Entries Close 7 Oct, 5pm 14 Oct, 5pm 21 Oct, 5pm
Standard Entries Close 21 Oct, 5pm 28 Oct, 5pm 5 Nov, 11:59pm
Bib Personalisation Expires 21 Oct 28 Oct 5 Nov, 11:59pm
Race Pack Delivery 26 Oct – 2 Nov 2-9 Nov 11-16 Nov
Late Entries Close 4 Nov, 6pm 11 Nov, 6pm 18 Nov, 6pm
Race Day 4 Nov 11 Nov 18 Nov

Race Day Schedule

When? What’s Happening?
1pm Venue open for team tents
1pm Info tent open for late pickups & changes
5:30pm All vehicles removed from race site
5:30pm Team photos commence
6:20pm Info tent closes
6:20pm Last team photos
6:20pm Compulsory race briefing
6:25pm Mass Warm-up
7:25pm Final finisher (approx.)
7:30pm Awards ceremony
7:50pm Vehicles permitted onto race site for pack up
7:50pm Wind down
8:30pm Event and venue closes

Caps & Visors

Every team member registered will receive a free Cap or Visor.

Team managers will be sent an equal number of caps and visors for distributing to team members as they choose.

Race Number

It is a requirement of your participation in the event that you wear your race number on the front of your shirt at all times whilst taking part. Your number should be secured to your shirt by a safety pin in each corner (don’t worry if you don’t have any, we’ll have plenty available on race day). Your electronic timing tag is attached to the back of your race number so be careful not to crease, crush or puncture it.

Race numbers will include your team name and the first name of the person taking part, making it almost impossible to get them mixed up!

Important! Race numbers are printed when standard team entries close 14 days prior to each event. If you register after this date, your race number will have a blank space for the individual name and team name. If you make swaps to your team members after this date, the name of the original team member will still be on the race numbers. If you want a blank number as a replacement, it will cost $10, but why not just get busy with a sharpie or print the new name out and stick it on top?

* Teams of 3 or fewer members will need to collect their race number and cap/visor at the event.

Important! Please don’t lose your race number. Replacement numbers are $10.

Timing Tag

When you receive your race number, your electronic timing tag will be attached to the back. The timing tag is disposable and we are sure you will appreciate the convenience of not having to attach a plastic tag to your shoes and then return it at the finish. All you have to remember is to secure your race number to the front of your shirt and you’re all set. Try to avoid holding your arm in front of the number as you cross the finish line (e.g. to turn off your watch) as this can sometimes affect the tag reading. Just wait until a few steps after the timing mat.

Important! There is no need to return your timing tag.

Road Closures

  • Corporate Challenge Christchurch is held entirely within Hagley Park North on the wide footpaths. Whilst there should not be any vehicles on the course, you must still keep your wits about you for emergency or race vehicles and please be mindful of other users of the footpaths.
  • Corporate Challenge Wellington takes place mostly on the wonderful Wellington waterfront. Whilst there should not be any vehicles on the course, you should be particularly careful at the road crossing right next to Waitangi Park and the entrance to the Freyberg Pool car park. There is also the chance of service vehicles around Te Papa and the basin.
  • A full road closure is in effect for all parts of the Corporate Challenge Auckland course. Despite this, we still ask competitors to be careful of any encroaching vehicles, especially around the Museum loading dock and cars leaving parking spaces near the Wintergarden.


Parking around the event venues can be especially challenging on race day and it pays to plan ahead. Many teams come to the venue earlier in the day to drop off tents and BBQs and get everything ready for later on. Unfortunately, there are no dedicated event parking areas available to us for any of the events, so parking in surrounding areas is the best option and please, please …. ride share with your team mates.

  • Christchurch
    Parking around north hagley fills up early on event night. There is a large parking area for the botanic gardens but this will fill up and it can be frustrating to drive all the way in there and then have to inch your way back out again. There are lots of city parking facilities close to the venue.
  • Wellington
    Most teams taking part at Corporate Challenge Wellington find the short walk from the CBD to the race venue to be the perfect warm up. Street parking around the area is very limited but Metlink has services which stop directly opposite the venue at Waitangi Park.
  • Auckland
    Street parking is your best option for Corporate Challenge Auckland unless you can get in and get parked on Football Rd or Grangstand Rd South before the road closures come into effect. Allow an extra 10 minutes to walk to the venue.

Refunds & Withdrawal Policy

The terms of our refund policy are defined below. Your acceptance of these terms is included within the event waiver that you acknowledged when registering for any of our events:

  1. Withdrawals must be requested at least 4 weeks prior to the event and will not be processed after this date.
  2. If the entry fee had been paid upon registration, your entry will be withdrawn and your refund processed. In most cases, the refund will be credited directly to the card used to make the original payment and will be made within 48 hours of acceptance of your request. It may take longer than this, however, for your card company to credit your account and this is outside of our hands to influence.
  3. If you submitted a bulk team entry and are removing a team member from your team, their entry will be withdrawn and an updated invoice emailed to you.
  4. We do not offer refunds for administrative errors on your part or change of mind.
  5. All bulk team entries standing at 4 weeks or less before the event will be invoiced and payment expected accordingly.
  6. Team member substitutions can be made 4 weeks or less before the event at no cost. You can do this via the login page or by contacting the organisers prior to the race start.
  7. Team member additions can still be made 4 weeks or less before the event with the entry fee applied as per the Earlybird / Standard / Late entry fee expiry dates.

Important! Please do not email us asking for an exception. We do not reply to requests for refunds outside of the terms stated here.


Download a poster

Get your workmates involved by downloading our poster. Print it out for the office noticeboard. Click on the thumbnail below to download it.

Competition Rules & Prizes

The Corporate Challenge encourages friendly competition between colleagues, firms and individuals. Although the emphasis is on the fun of participation, we also look forward to acknowledging athletic excellence. Even if you are not a front-runner, you could still be heading home with one of our excellent spot prizes!

Merit Awards

Beautiful glass trophies will be awarded to:

  • Overall Teams …
    • Male Teams: First, Second and Third
    • Female Teams: First, Second and Third
  • Industry Teams …
    • Top male & female Accounting teams
    • Top male & female Finance/Insurance teams
    • Top male & female Government/Health teams
    • Top male & female Legal teams
    • Top male & female Sport/Leisure teams
    • Top male & female Technology
    • Top male & female Transport/Construction teams
  • Individual Awards …
    • Top Male & Female Overall
    • Top Male & Female CEO

Important! Industry categories may be modified slightly based on the number of teams registered for each event.

Eligibility Rules & Time Calculation

We take the times (Note: GUN time is used) of the top 3 eligible male members of your team to arrive at your Male Team time and place, and the same with the top 3 eligible females. In addition to the overall winning male and female teams, we have trophies in a number of industry categories as well as individual awards for the overall winners and the fastest CEO.

To be an eligible team member, the person must be a bona fide full or part-time employee of the company or a full or part-time contractor working exclusively for that company. Any business or organisation can register a team, but to be eligible for team awards, the organisation must meet the criteria for team members to be earning a living from that organisation. Therefore, sports clubs, groups of friends and other informal teams cannot be eligible for team awards. Any participant who is not an eligible team member must be marked as “FNF” (Friends & Family) on the team sheet.

Anyone taking part in the event is eligible to win the overall male and female individual trophies.

To be eligible for the CEO Challenge trophy, the person must be the CEO, CFO, CTO, or COO of the business or organisation and must be recorded as such on the official team sheet or online form.

Information For Walkers

Many participants come along simply for the joy of being part of their team and being part of this great event. They are not too bothered about how fast they go around the track and many people choose to walk with their friends and workmates. No one should feel that they are excluded from the event because they are not a runner.

Important! For the safety and enjoyment of all competitors, we ask that all walkers and slower joggers:

  • start towards the back of the field,
  • keep LEFT for the first 1.5km in Christchurch, the first 2.5km in Wellington and the first lap in Auckland
  • during the keep left period, walk no more than 2 abreast

Event Safety

It is compulsory for all participants to attend, listen to and heed the advice of the safety briefing. Above all else, however, please understand that no roads are closed during the event. You have sole responsibility for your own safety. Do not leave any pavement, cross any road, pass any driveway unless you deem it is safe for you to do so.

Read the health and safety plan on the event web site which covers your behaviour and spectators who accompany you to the event. Please remind your own spectators that they should not attempt to accompany you in vehicles, bikes or otherwise. They must follow the normal rules of the road to reach vantage points.

Important! A copy of the approved 2020 Health & Safety plan will be available from Running Events on request.

Course Safety

Remember that other a very small area near the start and finish of the event, all roads are open to the public at all times. Stick to the pavement where one exists and do not cross any intersection unless you have determined to your own satisfaction that it is safe to do so.

Please remember the golden rule … Always give way to vehicles. No matter who has right of way, vehicles always win.

Course & Venue Maps

Know where you’re going … then train to get there. Maps for all race distances and the event venue.

Hagley Park, Christchurch – 4th November 2020 @ 6:30pm

Christchurch is our first stop on the Corporate Challenge series tour. Race HQ is in the entertainment quarter of North Hagley Park, with easy access from the western end of Armagh St. Run or walk beside the leafy trees and beautiful lakes in the vast park, then chill with your mates – this is the Garden City at its best!

Half Marathon Course Map

Waitangi Park, Wellington – 11th November 2020 @ 6:30pm

Waitangi Park provides the venue for the second stop of the Corporate Challenge series and acts as our gateway to Wellington’s stunning waterfront. Street sculptures, fountains, pedestrian bridges, Oriental Parade, Te Papa and Waitangi Park … this is the ultimate inner-city run on a course which is the equal of anywhere in the world. The best Wellington city run ever? We think it could be.

Half Marathon Course Map

The Domain, Auckland – 18th November 2020 @ 6:30pm

Auckland’s beautiful Domain is the venue for the third and final race of the Corporate Challenge series. The entire run takes place within the confines of the Domain on fully closed roads. The two lap course starts and finishes in front of the grandstand, includes breathtaking views of the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland City, and passes by the Auckland War Memorial Museum and Wintergarden.

Half Marathon Course Map

Past Series

Results, photos, video and more from past years of the Corporate Challenge Series



Photo Gallery



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Team managers can access all facets of their team registration, including the members of your team, from the tiktok dashboard. How good is that? Just click on the LOGIN  link in the menu to access tiktok and follow the options to identify yourself. Having problems with that? No worries, just drop us a line through the email contact form here and we’ll get you sorted.

The Corporate Challenge operates under special rules and we allow refunds of team members right up until four weeks prior to each event.  Please view the Refunds & Withdrawals tab in the Info section above for the full policy.  You can still change your team member names – although be aware that previous team member’s names will be printed on the race number.

We aim to send out all team race packs by the Wednesday of the previous week at the latest. Allowing for courier delivery time, you should expect to receive them on the Thursday or Friday of the week before the race or Monday of race week. When we deliver the parcels to the courier, we’ll send an email to each team manager with a link to track the delivery.  Teams of 3 or fewer members will need to collect their t-shirt and race number at the event.

Your timing tag is a small sticker that can be found on the back of your bib.  The tag sends out a unique UHF signal that identifies the athlete and records the exact time at which the athlete passes the detection mats. The tags are designed to withstand rain and sweat as the mechanical part of the tag is covered by a foam spacer but please don’t fold or bend the bib as this can damage it.  All you need to do is make sure you have your bib attached to the front of your shirt and you’re good to go. Please do not get your team member’s race numbers mixed up as this can affect the results and spoil the Awards Ceremony. If needed, we will have plenty of safety pins at the registration tent for you to use.

Of course! We love walkers and all of our events are open to runners, joggers and walkers alike.

All team photos will can be viewed and downloaded via the Corporate Challenge Facebook page.  We will aim to have these available by noon the following day (Thursday) after the event.

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