Parking around the event venues can be especially challenging on race day and it pays to plan ahead. Many teams come to the venue earlier in the day to drop off tents and BBQs and get everything ready for later on. 

Unfortunately, there are no dedicated event parking areas available to us for any of the events, so parking in surrounding areas is the best option and please, please …. ride share with your team mates.

Street parking is your best option for Corporate Challenge Auckland unless you can get in and get parked on Football Rd or Grandstand Rd South before the road closures come into effect. Allow an extra 10 minutes to walk to the venue.

Parking around North Hagley fills up early on event night. There is a large parking area for the botanic gardens but this will fill up and it can be frustrating to drive all the way in there and then have to inch your way back out again. There are lots of city parking facilities close to the venue.

Most teams taking part at Corporate Challenge Wellington find the short walk from the CBD to the race venue to be the perfect warm up. Street parking around the area is very limited but Metlink has services which stop directly opposite the venue at Waitangi Park.